Construction Management & General Contracting


The professionals at Devon Construction specialize in project management and take pride in overseeing the planning. design and construction of a project from beginning to end. Our clients have trusted as with their vision and we strive to exceed out client’s expectations with each project It is important that Devon Construction project managers provide the following services during the construction phase

  • Practical project execution
  • Implement management reporting systems
  • Continuous site supervision
  • DSLR Progress Photography
  • Sub-contractor selection and oversight
  • Continuous updates for project tracker, schedule and budget
  • Obtain necessary permits and approvals throughout the construction period
  • Maintain site safety procedures

Construction Procedures in 4 Steps

As per Decon’s Construction Control Protocol


Construction Management & General Contracting

Presenting The Project

Finalizing The Project

Proper Management of Any Project Matters

The role of the Decor Construction is to plan. organize, staff evaluate, direct, control. and Lead your project from concept to completion. Our project managers are responsible for the project WHAT and WHEN That is, what project work will be done to meet the project scope. cost. and quality objectives and when the work will be done to meet the project schedule objectives.

Devon Constructor builds and maintains partnerships with key players on every project owners. architects. designers. consultants. inspectors. trades and suppliers. Utilizing a clear and detailed understanding of every stakeholders role. we ensure that the lines of communication and responsibility are open and effective throughout the entire project.

Decon Construction’s design flexibility. innovative building techniques. project management and the integrity of our people. are the backbone to our promise of commitment to every project and our clients.

Did you know?

The steam engine revolutionized construction transportation. The world was already modernizing by the time of the Industrial Revolution, but the steam engine helped quicken the pace. Construction materials were able to be transported quickly over land using locomotives powered by the steam engine.

Smart Project Management

After finalizing the design and planning out the deliverables we are ready to hit the ground running. Armed with next-generation technology, a robust network of professionals and firms, and powerful predictive analytics, your project remains in good hands.

Effective project management ensures a consistent and comprehensive overview during all stages of preparation and execution making it more Likely that the project remains within the defined timeframe and cost.

We are extremety passionate about the work we do at Decor Constructor. We undertake each and every project with a true sense of ownership as well as with the belief in working hard to bring the best value possible to our clients.

Work with a multi-trade construction company who prioritizes your project management making it a stress free experience for you.

The Decon Difference

Decon Construction is an experienced and reliable Ontario construction company. We welcome projects of all sizes and provide exceptional customer service from the first call to the final completion. After meeting to discuss your needs and goals. we’ll begin planning. designing and outlining your specific construction project. We take care of everything from submitting plans for permit approval to coordinating materials. costs and our skilled multi-trade team. You benefit from professional. project management and the convenience of having a single point of contact throughout the project.

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