Finalizing The Project

The dust has settled and you are ready to take back operation over your
new or renovated space. Decon Contruction will be there to support
you and / or your team during this exciting and often challenging time.
We understand just haw overwhelming this part of things can be and we
want to assure you that our team has taken that into consideration.

The benefits of working with Decon Construction as a single partner
instead of multiple different ones means that we have had a handle on
all aspects of your project and have intimate knowledge of each phase.
We will take care of operator training, setting up of maintenance
programs, and fully supporting you during the warranty phase of your project.

Construction Procedures in 4 Steps

As per Decon’s Construction Control Protocol


Construction Management & General Contracting

Presenting The Project

Finalizing The Project

Construction Completion

During the project closeout phase. final completion – also known as final acceptance – is defined by the date when the owner determines the construction project to be t00% completed. punch List work included. This is usually the point where the contractor satisfied any remaining contract terms and requirements, and they have the architect or construction manager perform a final inspection.

Decon Construction takes this phase just as seriously as the others. Our dedication to your project means that we are here for you even after we hand over the keys. Should you have any questions or wish to add on to your project we are just a call away.

First-Hand Project Knowledge

In working with Decon Construction as the single partner in your construction or renovation project you have the peace-of-mind knowing that your individual project is getting the proper care and attention it deserves. We guarantee our work in delivering exceptional craftsmanship and superior results that we know you will be happy with.

From our headquarters in the Greater Toronto Area. Decon Construction has been there for our Ontario customers continuously Many. in fact, have partnered with us time and time again on a variety of projects which speaks to our commitment in not only the work but our customers.

Every member of the Decor Construction team adheres to a simple but effective philosophy The priority is to do the best possible job for the client while remaining safe. We believe in developing a professional relationship with our clients and providing them with consistent work of the highest calibre that they can depend on

<—Work with a multi-trade
construction company who will
remain here for you even after
project completion.

Did you know?

As the tallest building in the world built by a human workforce (2,716.5 feet), it’s no wonder so many workers were engaged in the Burj Khalifa’s construction. It took over 100,000 tons of concrete and 55,000 tons of steel. To erect the 164-floor building (one of which is underground), thousands of people were hired. At the busiest period of construction, over 12,000 people were actively involved.

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