Project Type
Time Line
180 Days
Value (completion)

Project Scope

Momofuku’s Newest action to Toronto – Kojin is a go seat restaurant located on the 3rd floor of the Momofuku Restaurant. Decon Construction was tasked with bringing the client’s unique vision to life which meant sourcing materials from our partners in italy. France, Germany, and the Netherlands in order to procure the most unique wood. tile and stone. The restaurant features a wood ceiling. live cooking area with a custom-made bar and seating area. The biggest construction challenge was that Since the new restaurant was to be located on the 3rd floor of the other Momofuku restaurants. work had to be scheduled outside of peak delivery hours and patron rush time so as not to impact their current business.

Did you know?

The steam engine revolutionized construction transportation. The world was already modernizing by the time of the Industrial Revolution, but the steam engine helped quicken the pace. Construction materials were able to be transported quickly over land using locomotives powered by the steam engine.

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