Presenting The Project

One of the most important things for a business following expansion is to show your customer base that you are back to operating at full capacity. Advertising a grand opening or a new renovation requires generating a buzz about your new design. Decon Construction can provide the essential material for building interest just before you’re ready to swing open the doors. Rather than spending precious time hiring and coordinating photographers you can trust Decon to take pride in the work we’ve done and provide you with ideal advertising material.

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Presenting The Project

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DSLR Before and After Photographs

To demonstrate precise change in design. archiving every step of the process allows future maintenance and service technicians to easily understand what they are working with. High-resolution photography has also become the standard for many insurance companies monitoring a project. By keeping all photos on record any claims process is expediated.

Being equipped with high quality equipment allows us to provide you with marketing grade photos that can be used for your advertising of any aspect of your new space. During the project this allows us the freedom of printing whatever designs you need. such as banners over an area displaying what used to be there generating curiosity over new construction.

36o Degree Photos

We can allow you to show your customers exactly what you want them to see while giving them the freedom to explore your new space. Using 36o photography in stunning 4k new renovations can be advertised easily over social media and raise interest. Rather than thousands of photos that need to be stored and accessed whole rooms can be covered in a single 36o shot, This saves your management and consultants hours when reviewing changes and progress.

Virtual Reality Tour

Through Matterport we can create and design a virtual dollhouse of your project during each step of construction. This allows for collaboration between all teams constructing your project. The ability to jump from floor to floor in real time will allow you to fully organize your new space in the most efficient way. Virtual walkthroughs are increasingly replacing video capture and can tailor a VR clip to your needs, allowing you to save walkthroughs of your building to train your service staff or demonstrate levels of security within a building.

<—Work with a multi-trade construction company with cutting-edge technology and forward thinking implementation.

Did you know?

As the tallest building in the world built by a human workforce (2,716.5 feet), it’s no wonder so many workers were engaged in the Burj Khalifa’s construction. It took over 100,000 tons of concrete and 55,000 tons of steel. To erect the 164-floor building (one of which is underground), thousands of people were hired. At the busiest period of construction, over 12,000 people were actively involved.

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